Top 5 Online FPS Games in 2020

Top 5 Free Online FPS Games in 2020

So if you have a interest in online fps games the you can find a lot of options. There are many games, some have a battle royale playstyle and some have a bomb plant and defuse one like the Counter Strike series. Here is my list of the best online FPS games. This is a personal choice and all of these choices are according to my personal opinion.

5. Black Squad

If you are fan of both CS and COD then you might love this game. This is like a child of both games. In this tactical shooter 2 teams are fighting, one is trying to plant the C4 and the other one has to stop them or difuse the bomb pretty much like in CS. I myself have played this game in the past and had a lot of fun hours in this game.


  • The gun mechanics are really fun.
  • The devs update the game every now and then.


  • The player base is very small. ( I believe the company should spend a lot on the marketing)
  • A lot of hackers. This was one of the reasons i left the game because i faced hackers in every 4th game. But still it was really fun to play.

4. CS: GO

Whoever plays online fps games is familiar with this game. In Pakistan most of us have played CS 1.6 in their childhood, and if you have not even then this will be a pretty fun game for you if you are into tactical shooters. This game has given the world most of the pro players like Shroud, Hiko, Aceu etc. All of them started from CS, so this shows that this game will greatly improve your FPS skill as well. This game is totally free on steam and you can buy the premium version as well which gives you more rewards and also less hackers.


  • It has a big player base so you will quickly find matches.
  • The game is constantly updated.
  • Provides a very fun time if played with friends. (If you have any friends lol)


  • Might be frustrating for new players as its player base is very big and most of them are playing for years.
  • Even though there aren’t much hackers now but still you might find one once in a while.


If you are into battle royale games then you must have heard the name of PUBG. This is the lite version of the original one and it is the exact version with little less graphic options and some other features but gun mechanics are same. If you want to play PUBG for free or you want to check how it is before buying the original then you can try this one. I have played this one and to be honest this is one of the most fun battle royale games for me (a lot more then that PUBG mobile).


  • 99% the same as the original PUBG game.
  • Gun mechanics and gameplay is very realistic.
  • Original PUBG is a demanding game but the Lite version can easily run on potato PCs.


  • Player base is very small so longer queue times and there will also be many bots there sometimes.
  • Last time I checked the devs said they will not update the game anymore but i’m not sure how it is now.

2. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is said to be the best Battle Royale game now. If you do not like the realistic design of PUBG and wants to try something action sci-fi then this title is for you to try out. There are many characters to choose from and each of them has a unique set of abilities. Its up to you to use the abilities and the weapons to be the #1 Champion in the match.


  • The game is very fast paced opposite to PUBG, if you like it this this way then you are good to play this.
  • The game is updated and every season they introduce a new character and rewards so it is always fresh.


  • The game is very demanding so if you have a potato PC then you might have a hard time playing it.
  • The game is truly fun but if you have a bad aim like me then you are gonna suffer. xD


Valorant is said to be the child of Overwatch and CS:GO. Its very similar to CS:GO. The gun mechanics and even the playstyle is the same but it includes different agents who have very unique abilities. Agents play different roles in the game, you have to use both the abilities and the weapons to win the game. Valorant is said to be the hottest FPS game in the whole world right now. Its totally free so you should definitely try this game out. I’m also playing this game nowadays.


  • If you have played CS:GO then you will enjoy this one as well.
  • It has a big player base so shorter queue times.
  • It has a strong anti-cheat system so there are almost no hackers in the game.


  • New players might find a hard time learning in this one.


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