Top 5 Budget Headphones to buy within the price range of Rs. 5000

Top 5 Budget Headphones to Buy

1. Redragon THESUES H250

So first on our list is Redragon Thesues H250. It has 3.5mm jack and its stereo sound is amazing for its price. If you are really on tight budget then this is one of the best headsets you should consider buying. Besides i have used most of the Redragon products and its one of the best brands for PC products in my opinion. Its price is around Rs. 3500-4000.


2. T-Dagger Andes T-RGH300

This headset can be considered equal in quality and performance to the above Redragon one. Both offer good quality and if you are not a Redragon fan then you can go for this one. Like the Redragon H250 this model also do not have 7.1 surround sound system, but it is good for casual gaming experience. And its price is same as H250.

3. Bloody G600i

The third on our list is the Bloody brand which is used by most of the gamers in Pakistan. This headset provides 7.1 surround sound system at a very good price of almost Rs. 5000 only. Its design is also very good at this price, so you should definitely go for this if you find it.


4. Redragon Minos H210

Next on our list is another Redragon headset. This one provides the 7.1 surround system and its pads are also very soft so its very comforting for long hours of gaming. Its design is also very amazing for its price and its sound and mic quality is one of the best at this price range seriously.

5. Bloody G528C

This one offers great sound quality and has 7.1 sound system. It also provides noise cancellation feature so your mic and sound will be of great quality. In my opinion this is the best headset on this list.


So this was my list of best budget headphones at the price of Rs. 5000. You can share your opinions and views in the comments i will like to find out. Thank you!


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